Our site uses cookies for various purposes, with this statement we want to explain what cookies are and how they are used on the Site.


Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser before being re-transmitted to the same sites at the next visit.

When browsing this Site, the User could also receive cookies from other sites or web servers (so called “third-party cookies”): this is because the site could include elements such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains on different servers. In other words, these are cookies set by a different website than the one you are currently visiting.

Cookies are used for different functions. Some enable you to browse the site and use its functionality. Others are used to obtain statistical information on the number of users accessing the Site and how the Site is used. Finally, others are used to track your consumer profile and offer you a customized navigation.


– TECHNICAL COOKIES: They are used on the site so you can browse the site and enjoy its functionality. Some technical cookies are essential to offer you an optimal browsing experience: you can log in on the website, enter into a reserved area or make a purchase. Browsing cookies are normally Session cookies and, therefore, they turn off automatically once you close your browser navigation.

Other technical cookies enable you to store some of your preferences (for example, the language or country of origin) without having to reset in subsequent visits. For this reason, technical cookies are often persistent cookies, because they remain stored on your computer even after the browser is closed until their expiration date or until you decide to delete them.

– TRACKING COOKIES: they are used to collect statistical information about the number of users accessing the site and how they visit the site. Our tracking cookies are managed by third parties, so they are not installed directly by us.

– PROFILING COOKIES: They are used to create a new user profile, based on the preferences and tastes you manifested when browsing the Internet, and display advertisements consistent with your profile. In this way you will see more interesting advertisements on our site. These are managed by third parties too.

As required by current legislation on privacy, your prior consent is required for the installation of tracking and profiling cookies. For this reason, when you access the Site, a special banner is displayed, which informs you that (i) profiling cookies are used on the Site and that (ii) closing the banner, scrolling the home page or clicking any element of the Home Page outside the banner, you are consenting to the use of cookies. If you agree to installation of cookies in this way, we will track your consent via a special technical cookie. So, you will not see the cookie banner during subsequent Site visits. Remember that if you remove this cookie from your browser, consent tracking would be lost and, therefore, on your next site visit the cookie banner will be displayed again.


You can manage, block or delete cookies in your browser settings

By blocking all cookies, including technical cookies, you may no longer be able to browse the site or use its features. Also, if you delete all cookies from the browser, even technical cookies could be removed so well as preferences you set, you could no longer find the products or services in your shopping cart.

To disable third-party cookies, consult the “Privacy Policies of Third Parties” to learn about other tools to manage and delete cookies. Remember that, by disabling third-party cookies, (i) you oppose their use not only on the site but on all Internet sites where these cookies are used and (ii) the ability to surf the Site and use its functionality will not be compromised in any way whatsoever. When you disable third-party cookies you will still see the banner in the home page on the site related to cookies; in this case, however, by closing the banner, scrolling the home page or clicking any item on the home page outside the banner, you will not receive any third-party cookies that you have correctly disabled.